Of Syrian descent,  Kinda Hibrawi born and raised in Saudi Arabia
grew up between Syria, Lebanon, Bahrain and the United States.
Through her studies she began to expand on the ancient tradition of Arabic
Calligraphy by giving it a modern twist. As an Arab American, she felt the
need for her artwork to reflect the richness of the Middle East coupled with
Western diversity. Hibrawi's original work is sought by collectors worldwide
and has exhibited in galleries across the US. As an artistic ambassador
she  lectures on her work nationwide, she has spoken at the School of
Visual Fine Arts in New York City and was asked by the City of Los Angeles
to premiere her work in their 2006 and 2011 Cultural Calendar and City
Guide. She is also featured in the Syrian Culture, Arts and History Center in
Montreal, Canada. Her work has been acquired for the permanent collection
at the Arab American National Museum in Detroit, Michigan. Hibrawi
currently sits on the Board of the Tiyya Foundation, a nonprofit that provides
holistic programming and basic necessities for refugees and displaced
American families based in California. Hibrawi' created and developed Art
Speaks, a hands on art program she instructs monthly at the Center For
Living Peace to refugee children from around the world.

June 2013 Hibrawi co-founded and is the Executive Director of
Zeitouna – A creative therapy and physical wellness program
designed to inspire and heal the youngest victims of the Syrian
conflict: the children. The program is a
Karam Foundation project,
where she currently sits on the Board of Directors based in
Chicago. The Zeitouna program was first implemented at the
largest Internally Displaced Refugee Camp inside Syria, home to
30,000 refugees. Hibrawi and her team of seven crossed the
border every day and taught creative workshops to 500 children.
In one year the program became so successful that she now
travels twice a year to the region and recruits a team of over 30
volunteers from around the world. Artists, writers, musicians
athletes, a full scale dental and psycho-social team all  work
together with Syrian refugee schools along the Syrian-Turkish
border helping to alleviate the children's emotional  and
psychological trauma.

June 2012, Hibrawi was named a Rio+20 global thinker and
influencer by the United Nations. She was formally invited by the UN,
the only Arab-American among the panel, to submit her thoughts on
sustainable development for the  Rio+20 conference held in Brazil.
The campaign called "the future we want" is a series of short
essays by distinguished global thinkers and influencers sharing
their vision for the future they want .The panel included Kumi Naidoo
Executive Director of Greenpeace and Elie Weisel Nobel Peace
Laureate to name a few. Read Hibrawi's thoughts on her vision in

August 2010  The US State Department invited Hibrawi to
showcase her artwork in a US Embassy wall calendar which was
handed out as gifts during the Holy month of Ramadan; 50,000
copies were distributed to US embassies worldwide

January 2008 Selected  by the US Art in Embassies Program to
showcase her work for the United States Permanent Representative
to NATO Ambassador Kurt Volker in Brussels, Belgium

October 2007 Named "Artistic Ambassador" by Arab News by
helping to bridge cultural misunderstanding between Arabs and
Americans through her work